How To Watch Fashion Week Without VIP Invites

Achieving a front row seat at Fashion Week is the sartorial equivalent of scoring a table at the Oscars, but the number of media outlets live-streaming the designer runways this autumn will allow fashion enthusiasts to transform any chair into premium seating. Yup, you can watch New York Fashion Week shows from anywhere this season. The New York Times reports that per Fashion Week's new representing company, WME/IMG, the seven day extravaganza will now be even more accessible to accessible to those not seated in the VIP row — or even in the building. After years of exclusivity, Fashion Week is rapidly transforming into a highly democratic institution thanks to improved technology and streaming services.

According to The New York Times, Fashion Week will be streamed in strategic locations across Manhattan as well as online. Freshly installed monitors on 14th street will play clips of the designer runways in real time, and a new network labeled Made 2 Measure will offer similar services as well as an array of behind-the-scenes footage. Those not living in the Tri-State area can alternatively view shows from the comfort of their homes, utilizing live-streaming sites including Fashion Week Online, New York Fashion Week Live, and Live Runway. Mobile users not sitting at a computer can even download New York Fashion Week's app to indulge in a quick glimpse of their favorite designer runways on the go.

Elisabetta Villa/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Considering the wide geographic expanse of New York City terrain on which Fashion Week will take place this year, streaming shows via mobile devices may even become preferable to sitting in the front row, especially if those noteworthy invitations involve sprinting across town during rush hour to secure access. If technology is the ultimate equalizer, New York Fashion Week is undoubtedly its latest target.


So, will you be tuning in to watch the runway this season?