'Harry Potter' Magic Comes To The New iPhone

On Wednesday, Apple announced all kinds of new products, in addition to new features for the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. Among those, one in particular is called "Live Photos" and it's catching the eye of Harry Potter fans. Basically, you can take photos, which turn into a high quality gifs. That's right, your images will now move. How exciting is that? Now do you see where the Harry Potter relevance comes into play? I know my fellow HP lovers do, but if you don't, let me explain.

As all die-hard HP fans (of both the books and the movies) know, pictures on the walls, in frames, and even in newspapers were known to move. You hardly ever saw a picture that stood still in the wizarding world, which added to its charm and magical appeal. Well, thanks to Apple's latest feature, HP fans are going nuts and can't wait to become wizards and witches now with their iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

For those who've always wished they could attend Hogwarts, shop at Diagon Alley, or visit Hogsmeade for a butterbeer, then this feature is pretty much fulfilling your destiny of joining the magical world of Harry, Ron, Hermione, and every other character you adore.

Here are a few tweets proving that Harry Potter fans are very pleased with Apple, at the moment.

And, finally, this:

Well, Apple, can we? I really hope so, because I've been waiting to use "Fortuna Major."

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures