The Best Foods To Nosh On For Healthy, Shiny Hair

With all the rainbow action happening lately, the hottest hair trends for this fall can be pretty damaging to your strands. Luckily, the best foods for healthy hair that can keep your strands shiny and strong are delicious and easy to track down in any well-stocked market. You can thank me later for yet another reason to reach for dark chocolate as the perfect midnight snack!

From bright colombre to luxurious opal hues, proper care is absolutely crucial to ensure your locks stay as healthy and silky as possible. Though there are plenty of great hair moisturizing products out there (like, hello coconut oil hair recipes), nothing takes the place of nourishing yourself from the inside out.

After my own personal experiment with colombre hair, I remember being desperate to truly hydrate my bleached-out, color-soaked strands. Asking my stylist for products that would help save my brittle strands, he instead gave me a list of foods to eat. I was admittedly skeptical, but a total believer a month later.

If your love of pastel hair, ponytails, and top knots is anywhere as fierce as mine, definitely try adding these foods to your diet regularly! Your hair (and skin) will end up thanking you big time for the nutrition boosts.

1. Greek Yogurt

WebMd touts the hair-healing benefits of greek yogurt, explaining the high-protein content and vitamin B5 (pantothentic acid) increases blood flow to your scalp and promotes new hair growth. Try it with berries and a drizzle of maple syrup on top for an easy breakfast parfait!

2. Walnuts


The omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E in walnuts help moisturize your hair, according to Fitness. Walnuts also ward off dry skin as the weather gets cooler! Eat them raw or toast them with a little cinnamon for a healthy snack.

3. Strawberries


As shared in Prevention, the vitamin C helps your body produce the amino acid chains necessary for strong, unbreakable hair. Bonus points if you dip them in #4.

4. Dark Chocolate

Strawberries' best friend, dark chocolate is not only the answer to all of life's greatest questions, but also happens to work wonders on brittle hair! According to Hair Essentials, dark chocolate contains copper, zinc, and B vitamins, which promote cell renewal and hair growth. Suhweeet.

5. Beans

If you notice your hair is not only dry but straight up falling out, an iron deficiency could be to blame. Beans are an excellent source of iron and can help strengthen your weak hair. And yes, bingeing on hummus and falafel totally counts.

6. Eggs


It's seriously hard for me to imagine a day where I don't eat at least one (cage-free, pasture-raised, organic) egg! If you're not, you should consider it because eggs have Biotin, a majorly nourishing B vitamin for hair.

7. Lentils

If you're not an egg fan, lentils also offer a high amount of Biotin according to Daily Mail! Cook up a cozy dal or cool and toss them into a salad for a high-protein and fiber meal.

Image Credit: Khanh Hmoong/Flickr