Twitter #NYFW Emojis Are Coming To Your Feed

With New York Fashion Week starting tomorrow, we can guarantee that your Twitter feed will be blowing up with tweets from the front row. But that's not just it — Twitter fashion week emojis are happening, guys. Last season, Twitter paired up with fashion influencers to form the #FashionFlock, giving you an inside look at all of the shows. This year, Twitter is making #FashionFlock tweets even more special by adding custom fashion week emojis to tweet using the hashtag.

Twitter has recognized the power of its platform when it comes to connecting NYFW attendees with the general public on the outside, which is why it makes sense to curate tweets from the insiders in a strategic way. The decision to add custom fashion week emojis to the tweets is a brilliant one, based on the trendiness of emojis. And they won't just be applied to the insiders emojis — anyone who tweets using #NYFW or #FashionFlock will get a surprise emoji added to his or her tweet from Sept. 10 through Sept. 17. According to the Wall Street Journal, these hashtags are being referred to internally as "fashtags." Brilliant.

And if the insider hashtag and stylish emojis aren't enough for you, Twitter is also sponsoring "Twitter Mirrors" backstage at runway shows to give followers a behind-the-scenes look via Periscope live broadcast, which is awesome.

Twitter has made it almost too easy to follow along with New York Fashion Week. You can follow not only the two hashtags (#NYFW and #FashionFlock), and @TwitterFashion, but you can also follow Twitter's curated list of fashion people. You're welcome.

Images: Twitter, Coco Rocha/Twitter