'Key & Peele' Show Bloopers From Season 5 Show Why The Comedians Will Be Missed

It's only been five short seasons, but already Key & Peele have become hugely important comedic voices in pop culture and the mainstream world today. Yes they're hilarious and produce some ridiculously funny sketches, but what they bring to TV is so much more than that. Sometimes their sketches actually take a point of view on so many issues we are constantly dealing with in society, both big and small. And sometimes they're just plain silly. The balance they strike is always spot on. The lack of Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele on our television sets every week will surely be upsetting, but the comedians ended their series on a high note by giving the audience what we always want: Bloopers. Wednesday night's series finale of Key & Peele ended with the comedians showing candid, funny gag reel moments from Season 5 and proved why they will be missed so much.

Key and Peele gave us sketch bloopers including some of their most iconic recurring characters including Meegan and Andre, and even a blooper from Season 4's sketch "Sex Addict Wendell." We also saw bloopers from some of the best moments of Season 5 including the two airline passengers ready to hunt "terries" and the old men talking about rapper Drake (easily one of my favorite short sketches of the season, and yes it's partially because I love Drake). But what struck me the most about the blooper reel wasn't just the moments where the comedians and their guest stars cracked up in the middle of a scene. It was the camaraderie and love between Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele. That's what makes this show so damn great.

After years of doing a series together, these two clearly still care for another as friends and as family. The comfort level between the two is amazing, and in fact the blooper reel showed that the comedians' compassion and love for one another has grown more and more over the years.

Sure, they've created some iconic sketches over the years. From the Substitute Teacher, all the Meegan videos, the East/West bowls, to anything involving Wendell, Key & Peele sketches are legendarily funny. But none of these sketches would work a fraction as well if the two comedians performing them didn't respect, appreciate and care for one another. It's so sad to see that they will be doing their own separate things full-time (of course they've been doing their own things on the side for a while now), but there's no doubt in my mind that Key and Peele will always come together if they find the right project. This might be the end of their wonderful series, but there's so much more to come in their partnership.

Images: Ian White/Comedy Central