When 'Power' Returns For Season 3, It's Bringing Back All Of Your Favorite Characters For Love, Revenge, & More

The second season of the Starz series Power is but a memory at this point. The cast and crew will soon start shooting Season 3 of the hit drama in New York City, and they have been dropping some clues about the upcoming episodes via social media. So, who will return for Power Season 3? Lucky for fans, that's easy to figure out.

The writers' room Twitter account has very enthusiastically confirmed the returns of Kanan (played by exec producer 50 Cent) and Lobos (played by Enrique Murciano). Showrunner and exec producer Courtney Kemp Agboh also confirmed via Twitter that Julio (JR Ramirez) will return for Season 3 while Shawn is dead — and he was actually meant to die in the original pilot, but the actor was so good that he lived on for a bit.

Agboh also let us all know that Ghost (Omari Harwick) and Tasha (Naturi Naughton) are definitely not over, so that means she'll be back — and of course, Ghost will be too. Where Season 3 will take the audience, well, no one knows that just yet, but Agboh and her writing staff are working on that, according to her interview with Madame Niore. "I just pitched the Season 3 arc to the heads of PR and Marketing and their teams," she told the website last month. "Everyone was on the edge of their seats like “Oh, my God! No Way! You’re not going to f**king do that! Noooo!” They’ve been my only audience so far, but they’re pretty excited."

Here's hoping some of this is in store for Season 3 of the hit drama series.

Kanan's Revenge

After an epic confrontation between Ghost and Kanan, Ghost leaves his rival for dead, but then later it looks like Kanan has escaped. You know he'll want revenge after a fight like that.

The Return Of Ghost

At the end of the finale, Ghost tells Angela that he's retiring that nickname and drug kingpin past — he'll simply be James from now on. But how long will that last? This series is essentially about Ghost's — I mean, James' — eternal struggle between the worlds of drugs and legal business.

Who Left The Bloody La Arana Card?

Was it Kanan or another enemy for Ghost? It's certainly a mystery we'll want the answer to in Season 3.

Ghost & Tasha Fall Back In Love

Fat chance, since he chose Angela. But who knows, it could be possible one day.

Julio's Love Interest

According to a video on the Power Twitter, Ramirez revealed that his character Julio will be getting some lovin' in Season 3. Oh la la, who could this new love be? Can't wait to find out.

Everyone Is Happy

OK, I know this one is a long shot, especially on such an intense drama, but I can dream, right?