Stella McCartney Breast Cancer Bras Are Beauties!

Yes, it's insanely awesome that Stella McCartney recruited "It" model Cara Delevingne to front her lingerie campaign designed specifically for Breast Cancer Awareness month, which is October. Yes, it's rad that the a portion of the proceeds will support three different breast cancer charities. But what's most amazing about Stella McCartney's pink BCA panties and bras? The Louise Listening Bra, which is a compression bra designed for survivors that have undergone a double mastectomy.

This is the brand's second year designing lingerie to support BCA initiatives, so big ups for its continued support of an issue that effects all women in some way, shape, or form. That includes McCartney herself, who lost her mother to the disease.

The hot pink-hued collection, known as the Alina Playing range, features a plunging bra, a soft-cup bra, and a bikini brief.

I love that Delevingne is the face of the campaign, replacing last year's model Kate Moss.

Women needed to be fully informed about this disease while they are young and Delevingne speaks directly to that generation. She's the perf choice.

The mega model poses with her hands shaped like a heart over her breast. That gesture, often made at Taylor Swift and One Direction concerts or among besties communicating non-verbally, takes on a whole new meaning when Delevingne does it to create breast cancer awareness. I am literally in love with her ad.

According to WWD, McCartney chose Delevingne since she "represents a generation of young women that we are really trying to reach."

That's the soft cup bra pictured above.

The campaign also emphasizes the fact that awareness can lead to prevention.

Knowledge is indeed power and McCartney is doing everything right here!

Here's what we know.

1. Charity Rules

The panties go for $55 while the soft cup and plunging bras clock in at $110. Some of the profits will be dispersed among three global charities, including The Linda McCartney Centre in Liverpool, England, as well as the National Breast Cancer Foundation in the U.S., and the National Breast Cancer Foundation in Australia.

2. The Louise Listening Bra

Bob Levey/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

WWD reports that this bra is made of a soft cotton and comes in a rosy shade. Photos of the bra were not yet available at press time.

Its purpose is to help reduct the discomfort a woman can feel while healing from a double mastectomy. McCartney's later mother Linda Louise McCartney, who passed away from the disease in 1998, is its namesake.

What a beautiful tribute, right? According to WWD, McCartney created the bra to eliminate the stigma and to allow women to have something insanely beautiful during a time when her body has gone through a traumatic and definitive change. The designer said, "We wanted to bring something beautiful and feminine into a bra that is taboo… something that allows women undergoing [a mastectomy] to have something to be proud of, something with no shame attached."

Indeed, there is nothing wrong with wanting to wear something beautiful while recovering from something so painful and so life-and-body-alterting.

All profits from the Louise Listening Bra ($125) will be donated to the Hello Beautiful Foundation in London and will benefit its new London-based center for breast cancer sufferers and their families.

Nab the bras (Alina Playing Contour Plunge bra picture above) and panties as of today at Stella McCartney's site, Net-a-Porter, Barneys, Bergdorf Foodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Neiman Marcus. The Louise Listening bra is available for pre-order.

Kudos to Stella McCartney for supporting early detection and treatment programs. Major props to the brand for going beyond the usual donation by making a comfortable and beautiful bra for breast cancer survivors.

Purchasing any of the pieces a passive way to do good and support an important cause, all the while donning fancy underthings. There is no shame in any of that.

Images: Stella McCartney (5)