Get Candice Swanepoel's Givenchy Jeans For Less

How's this for super sexy? Candice Swanepoel went topless for a Givenchy leather jeans ad while sitting perched atop a male model's strong shoulders. Well, let's be honest here. She's not really and truly topless since we can't see her breasts and there's no nip-slip action happening.

Alas, there is a bar placed over the model's breasts and it looks like denim fabric and hardware. That's way clever, since it's a jeans ad! Swanepoel is able to be topless while not showing a damn thing.

Givenchy's leather panel jeans are likely mega expensive, since it's a luxe brand. Jeans aren't usually the first thing that comes to mind when I think of the glorious Riccardo Tisci-directed label. That said, this Swanepoel ad certainly ups the hotness factor and brings the concept of Givenchy jeans to life.

In the black and white ad, the jeans are high-waisted and made partially of leather. Similar look faux leather and coated jeans, which mimic leather, are certainly on trend for fall. They are also a recurring trend, since celebs have been rocking leather (and leather-look) jeans for a while now.

They are the perfect cornerstone for a glamsual look, since leather jeans, faux or not, can appear fancier than regular ol' or even some premium denim. Plus, the shape is more structured than leather leggings.

Not only is the model hitchin' a ride from a hunk, she's also covering his eyes. Clearly, she's in control here. But as for those jeans? They look a bit like chaps, with the patchwork and the apparent denim and leather panels.

There are affordable options if you want to wear leather jeans, since a Givenchy pair likely exceeds your budget and its limitations. You have plenty of choices that are faux and affordable.

This simple, trim, and ankle-skimming pair can be dressed up or down with a crop top or a flowing, more boho chic blouse. ($23,

If you are more interested in embellishment and the paneled look, you can't go wrong with this skinny pair. ($28,

This offering from Zara has such a wonderful, professional shape. You could wear these to work. ($8,

Not feeling faux? Well, coated jeggings are also a wonderful alternative to real or faux leather jeans. They offer sheen, texture, and a stiffer structure and shape. ($98,

These are some options to get you started if you want to do faux leather jeans or pants, as opposed to leggings, and can't really shell out the bucks for a Givenchy pair.

Happy shopping!

Images: Courtesy Brands