Justin Bieber Performing On 'The Today Show' Is Just The First Step In Keeping This Comeback Going

Never say never! Despite the naysayers, pop icon Justin Bieber has made his comeback, and by the looks of it, he will only continue to rise. The pop star continued this string of positive buzz when Bieber performed on the Today Show Thursdays morning, where he was awarded with a Guinness World Record for "Youngest Male Debut," and it is clear that he is still the object of our affection. What can the Biebs do to ensure that he continues to soar?

Well, for starters, he seems to already be doing all of the right things. His "Where Are U Now" collaboration with Skirllex and Diplo was mad successful, and helped him reach an audience that wouldn't have otherwise been open to his music and style. When he hit the stage at the VMAs for the first time in five years and delivered an emotional performance of his latest hit single "What Do You Mean?," he completely slayed the game, leaving everyone both shocked and proud. "What Do You Mean?" alone has had incredible success in the weeks since its release. Bieber achieved his first UK No. 1 with it, as well as his first Australian No. 1, and it was recently announced by Billboard that the comeback single also made it's way to No. 1 on their list as well. The Biebs has rocked his way to the top across the world, proving that his reception is amazing.

I'm starting to get incredibly dizzy, typing all of these one's, so, if that isn't a sign of success, then I'm not sure what is. What more can the "Baby" crooner do to ensure that his career will continue to skyrocket, and make everyone forget his past slip-ups?

1. Let Bygones Be Bygones

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on YouTube

The past two years, his headlines haven't been as... positive. But the great thing about the new Bieber is that he realizes this, and that he has owned up to his past mistakes. He knows that he's not perfect, and he's open to talking about things he did that were not in his best interest. This takes a lot of guts, and it shows that, not only is he maturing, but he is just a better human in general than he was two years ago. This honesty with the public will not only be a weight lifted off his shoulders, but it will also help people continue to see that he has changed.

2. Stay Tight With His Fans

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His Beliebers are one of the driving forces behind all of his success, and, thankfully, Bieber understands that. However, in order to ensure that he has their undying support throughout his transformation, he is going to have to really show how much he cares.

3. Host a Fan Event

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To piggy-back off my last point, this is a good way to bring all of his fun fans together. Biebs already does a great job with this, but going the extra length by hosting a listening party for his fans, surprising a few in the months to come, or just any way to bring them together is a great way to keep Team Bieber intact.

4. Make A Music Video With His Friends

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Over the past few years, Bieber has done a great job of this by making videos with his fellow musician friends like Carly Rae Jepsen that went viral in an instant. If he teams up with some of his friends and crew to make one for one of his new songs, it'll get so much Internet love.

5. Hit Up Some Red Carpet Events


Trust me, there is nothing a fangirl loves more than high-quality pictures of their favorite artist or band. The "What Do You Mean" singer has great style and knows how to pose for a great picture. Hello, new phone backgrounds!

6. Interviews on Interviews

Although these can get repetitive, they are a great way for Bieber to reach different audiences. Different types of people watch different talk shows, but, regardless, his fans love seeing his face, and will always tune in. It's a great way for him to display his new image as well as promote his album.

7. Release An Amazing Album This Fall

Based off of the success of "What Do You Mean?" alone, Justin Bieber's November release is set to be a big one. If the songs are anything like this one, he will soar to the top of the Hot 100 in no time.

We are rooting for you, Justin Bieber, we are all rooting for you! He might have been in a completely different place a few years ago, but the past is the past. This new man has a bright future ahead of him, so pull out your Ray Bans. Bieber will shine bright!