Here's What Could Happen In 'The Visit 2'

With all the buzz it's getting, it's safe to say that The Visit is M. Night Shyamalan's official "comeback movie." Audiences and critics are already marking this as one of Shyamalan's best since his Sixth Sense heyday — and the praise is well-deserved. Even though the master of plot twists hasn't released a sequel to any of his movies, fans might be clamoring for a follow-up to his latest. The film is cut from the same cloth as movies like Insidious and Paranormal Activity, both of which have become a franchise. That said, what could happen in a Visit sequel?

There's no guarantee he'll even make one, of course; the director tends to stick to original movies. Since his 1999 blockbuster supernatural thriller, The Sixth Sense, he's cranked out some notable movies like Unbreakable and Signs. Then there was the underrated homeland security metaphor The Village that led to a steady stream of movies like Lady in the Water and The Last Airbender, all of which failed to deliver. After his last cinematic misfire, After Earth, Shyamalan ducked out of the limelight for a hot minute and came back with the Twin Peaks-esque miniseries Wayward Pines, which received a respectable ovation. This fed into the release of The Visit, his return to toying with all that terrifies us via two kids' visit to grandma and grandpa's house. It's unlikely that The Visit 2 will happen, but if it does, here's what it needs to include (spoilers ahead!)

A Focus On The Mom

Since The Visit focused on terrorizing the children, The Visit 2 should focus on terrorizing the mom (Kathryn Hahn) and her boyfriend. Considering the mom sent her children to visit her estranged, creepy parents, it's her turn to revisit her hometown to past demons. Perhaps a "visit" to her ex-husband and his wife is in order.

A Backstory About The Grandparents

The grandparents in the movie have a lot of secrets including their work at the mental hospital they volunteer. Plus, there are two particular "friends" that we see in pictures in the movie that could use further explanation. In other words, a movie about the days leading up to the first "visit" would make for another great Shyamalan thriller.

Less Rap Stylings Of "T-Diamond Stylus"

There's already more than enough focus on white boys rapping in movies. Let's see Tyler (Ed Oxenbould) shift gears and try to fulfill his dream of becoming a globally famous EDM DJ. There'd definitely be a lot more humor in that.

No More Found Footage

I was worried about the use of "found footage" in the movie, as it's an overused device. Shyamalan, though, managed to make it work. Even so, this story could be told just as well, if not better without it.

Just As Much Humor

There are a lot of unexpected funny moments in the movie — and there hasn't been a lot of that in Shyamalan's past movies. The moments of levity are welcome and don't compromise the overall vibe of the movie. He should include jokes more often.

The chances of The Visit 2 happening aren't high, but if Shyamalan decides to make a sequel, it could be just as enjoyably terrifying.

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