4 'Big Brother' Guys Liz Should Date After Austin

With Big Brother 17 winding down, it's natural that the houseguests are considering what they'll do after finale night. Although Liz and Austin have discussed living in L.A. together, most fans are skeptical that their relationship will stand the test of time. Liz and Austin have the real world, a very real ex-girlfriend, and a less-than-favorable public opinion to contend with, making for quite an uphill battle right from the start. So who will Liz date when Austin and Big Brother are things of the past? Liz's own description of the guys she tends to like gives a few clues.

A few times now, viewers have heard Liz discuss the type of guys she's normally into, and why it's not Austin. She likes guys who are tall, dark, and handsome, with short hair, a short beard (if at all), and a "clean cut" look, no tattoos. One thing Austin has that she does like a lot — as she said repeatedly over the first couple of weeks of their showmance — is muscles. She also likes that Austin makes her laugh and has a great personality. With this profile in mind, which former Big Brother houseguests from this season and seasons past would Liz be into? I decided to play matchmaker and come up with four potential contenders for Liz's heart.

Jessie aka Mr. Pectacular

We caught a glimpse of Jessie when he hosted Wednesday's POV competition, Bowlerina, and he certainly left an impression on Liz, who told Austin he's got some work to do on his own body after Jessie showed off his muscles. He's missing the "tall" part of the "tall, dark, and handsome" equation, but he's definitely got the muscles and clean look down. Jessie's personality leaves a lot to be desired, but maybe Liz will overlook that.


Why not go back to somebody she already knows and gets along with? Jace's run on Big Brother 17 was short-lived, but the pair might have gotten something going had he stayed. Maybe he'd be more willing to cut his hair for Liz.

Hayden Moss

Not to be confused with Season 16's Hayden Voss (the blonde surfer dude), Season 12's winner and Survivor competitor is Liz's perfect match! He's adorable, sweet, clean cut, attractive, muscular, the total package. However, he does have a girlfriend, and I don't want to see another relationship broken up for a Big Brother romance.


I mean... Why anybody wouldn't want to date Cody is beyond me, no further explanation needed.

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Image: CBS