How Did Sandra Meet Her Rumored New Beau?

by Daniela Cabrera

The Internet was recently set afire due to a reported change of relationship status for one of our most beloved actresses, Sandra Bullock. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, reportedly Sandra Bullock has a new boyfriend, Bryan Randall, and he is quite the fox — not that I'd expect anything less for this gorgeous queen. In true superstar form, Bullock reportedly made her first appearance with her new beau at the super secret wedding of Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston in late August. So far, we know that the rumored boyfriend is a photographer, but just how did Sandra Bullock and Bryan Randall meet?

My first guess would be that one of her celebrity pals hooked them up, specifically Aniston, since the Bullock, Aniston, Theroux, and Randall have already been spotted having what appeared to be some double date action. Well, Us Weekly reports that Bullock and Randall met in a much more average occurrence. According to the site, they started dating earlier this year "after he photographed her 5-year-old son Louis’ birthday party." I mean, if he was the photographer that showed up at my door, I wouldn't mind one bit.

Now, if my Google lurking proves correct, Louis was born around January 2010 (Bullock adopted him as a 3 month old in April 2010), so the birthday party in question would have been in January of this year. Can you imagine how sweet that must've been? I am sure Bullock was a fan of his work beforehand considering Randall is a fairly established professional photographer in Los Angeles, who takes children's portraits and travel shots.

On Sept. 9, E! News shared photos of the actress and photographer together during a day out back in June of this year. In the shots, they are hugging each other and walking around, and already seemed very comfortable around each other. Bullock has been through some devastating relationship issues in the public eye with her ex-husband Jesse James, but it seems like she's got a whole new reason to smile now.

Us Weekly reports that, like Bullock, Randall also has a child of his own, a daughter, and it seems like he is universally liked and touted as an incredible guy. A mother of one of his ex-girlfriends, Paris St. John, told Us about Randall, "He is kooky, goofy — he's so funny and very young at heart. He's a free spirit... Bryan couldn't care less about money... He could live off the land." She continued, "He's amazing with kids. He loves kids. We're so happy for him."

It's no surprise that Bullock wouldn't want to speak out publicly about any new relationships, but Randall sounds like a great guy and I wish them all the best.