Is 1D's Album Dropping This Week? An Investigation

by Michelle McGahan

One Direction fans everywhere are collectively losing their minds over the ~evidence~ that all seems to point to 1D dropping their new album this week. If you ask Siri any iteration of the sentence "When is One Direction dropping their new album?" she gives you either the date Sept. 10 or Sept. 11. And to add fuel to the fire, Friday, Sept. 11 is also the date that some Walmart employees allegedly gave to fans who called to ask when the store is getting shipments of the band's new album. Not to mention the fact that the guys surprise-released "Drag Me Down," their first single off of their upcoming new record a few weeks ago, so, really, what's to say they won't pull a Beyoncé and surprise-drop the whole album as well?

Well, for one, in he midst of my journey to find the truth, Sony Music told Fuse that the information about One Direction's album dropping this week is "not correct," which is really a flat-out denial if I've ever heard one. Additionally, while some fans and news outlets have reported that Siri answers "It's Thursday, September 10" when asking when 1D's new album is being released, for me, she answered, "It's Friday, Septemeber 11, 2015," no matter how many different ways I phrased the question:

It's also important to note that I tested Siri by asking when 5 Seconds of Summer's new album is coming out, knowing that that album is set to drop on Oct. 23. (Note: I purposely pronounced the band's name like "five es-oh-es," since she would give me the date of summer when I said "5 Seconds of Summer," and when I pronounced it like "five sauce," I would get Google results about different sauces.) In response, she gave me the same date that she was giving others when asking about One Direction.

Clearly, these super scientific results show that Siri may just not fully understand the question and just so happens to give the current date (or tomorrow's date) as her answer. Sure, she's a badass when you need to get directions or find the nearest 7/11, but as far as having some super secret insider One Direction knowledge, it's unlikely she's on Harry Styles' speed dial.

Of course, then there's also the Walmart issue, as some fans have claimed to have recorded employees stating that they'll receive the shipment for 1D's new album on Friday:

I called up multiple Walmarts' electronics departments myself, most of whom informed me that they "get shipments every day" and couldn't tell me when the 1D albums were arriving. In fact, the clearest answer I got was from a kind employee who informed me that another company, Anderson Merchandisers, is responsible for distributing the albums to Walmart stores. I have reached out to Anderson for comment but have yet to hear back.

And, in the midst of all this, its also important to remember that every single one of One Direction's studio albums have been released in November, so it's pretty logical to think that this fifth one will drop in November as well. Plus, 1D's On the Road Again tour wraps up on Oct. 31, so really, it all comes together nicely here.

Ultimate conclusion: As much as I can't wait for the new One Direction album myself ("Drag Me Down" is LITERAL LIFE), it looks like we're all just gonna have to sit tight and wait for this one.

Images: Michelle McGahan