Taylor Swift Wins An Emmy (Yes, Really), Making Her Just 2 Steps Away From An EGOT

Taylor Swift is no slouch in the musical world. She's arguably the biggest pop star in the world right now, and for good reason: she's a badass force of nature that just so happens to make some incredibly catchy music. Her work has been awarded pretty much every music trophy going, from Grammys and Billboard Awards to MTV Music Awards and Country Music Awards. Now she can add yet another accolade to her already overcrowded mantle of accomplishments, and this one is a bit unexpected: Taylor Swift has won an Emmy, getting her one step closer to an winning an EGOT.

If you're wondering how on earth Swift managed to pick up an award usually reserved for TV and film projects, it's actually pretty simple. She was nominated in Original Interactive Program category for AMEX Unstaged: Taylor Swift Experience special — and she actually nabbed the win. The special, for which Swift was given an executive producer credit, coincided with the release of her "Blank Space" video and showed fans the sets used in its production up close and personal. Pretty impressive, right? To be fair, she was only up against one other nominee, Emma Approved, but whatever! It's still a really exciting win!

TaylorSwiftVEVO on YouTube

Now that Swift has a Grammy and an Emmy under her belt, that leaves only an Oscar and a Tony award to nab. Given that she's only 25 and already halfway there, she's got plenty of time to accomplish this goal, and I can totally see it happening. To get an Oscar, all she'd need to do is take up acting — something she already does a bit of in her musical videos, so it wouldn't necessarily be a far leap to the big screen, and she wouldn't be the first musician to do it. It would likely have to be a musical drama, maybe something like a country music biopic or something — the Academy would love that!

The Tony isn't all that far off, either. Can't you see Swift's music being made into a Broadway musical someday? The likes of Carole King and Billy Joel already have their own musicals, so I don't think a Taylor Swift production would be out of place on the stage, either. Can you imagine a choreographed "Bad Blood" number performed by professional Broadway actors and actresses? Ugh, I'm getting shivers already!

Image: Getty Images