Who Plays Madison On 'Fear The Walking Dead'?

We're still barely into the first season of Fear The Walking Dead, but one of my favorite things about it already is the female protagonist, Madison. Following a guidance counselor through the apocalypse is such a different perspective than we get with Sheriff Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead. Madison, played by Kim Dickens on Fear The Walking Dead, is just figuring everything out while the world is collapsing around her. She sets the tone for the spinoff and, after two episodes, is the clear leader.

Who is the actress? You might not be able to place Kim Dickens immediately, because she's been in so many movies and television shows that it's hard to pick one standout. She's been working for ages and has appeared in several of your favorites, I guarantee. Honestly, it's about time that she carried a series on her own, though Fear The Walking Dead has a strong ensemble cast. You may have caught on the HBO series Tremé or remember her from The Blind Side and the 2011 remake of Footloose. That said, here are a few of Kim Dickens' other roles that are sure to ring a bell in your brain about the Fear The Walking Dead actress.

Friday Night Lights

First of all, fans of FNL will remember the Alabama-born actress as Shelby.

House of Cards

On the Netflix series, Kim Dickens recently played Kate Baldwin, a journalist in Season 3.

Sons of Anarchy

Colette Jane had some amazing costumes and feathered hair, but not a lot of fan support.

Gone Girl

Kim Dickens brought to life Det. Rhonda Boney, who was assigned the case of Amy's disappearance and switched loyalties several times.


What's Team Kate? Who's Juliet? Before Sawyer crash landed on The Island, he had a fling (and a daughter) with Cassidy... who also ran into Kate at one point... because it's Lost.


Finally, for a major throwback, here's Kim Dickens as Joanie Stubbs in Deadwood. Realizing how often she's graced our television screens makes it even more exciting to watch her taking center stage and tearing it up on Fear The Walking Dead, doesn't it? I can't wait to learn more about Madison Clark and see what she does next.

Images: Justin Lubin/AMC; johnkrasinksi, rhondaboneys, scarliefrancis, youknowwobbles, obsessedwithlostt, samcrogifs/Tumblr