'90s Kids Try To Dance The Macarena As Adults

If you think you can remember all the moves to "Macarena", try and do them now, as this Distractify video of '90s kids trying to remember the "Macarena" dance will either leave you feeling forgetful or highly superior. I mean, if what you judge superiority on is the ability to remember the dance moves to Los Del Rio's "Macarena". I literally just sat at my desk recalling the moves and I'm pleased to say, I got them exactly right, even down to the "Nutbush" style jump and turn to the side. Now the words... Well, I didn't know them so well in the first place, other than the titular, "Heeeeeeey, Macarena!"

It's funny to watch people recall a dance that we basically did in our sleep during the '90s. Birthday parties, school dances, wedding. Everyone was doing it. Every mom and dad were doing it. Even grandparents were doing it. And come to think of it, it was probably the last time a group dance really bought people together. I suppose there was the Spice Girls "Stop" a few years later, but it wasn't really as universal as the "Macarena". It really captured an era. If you're now panicking because you've forgotten the "Macarena", or if you're one of these young people who were born in the '90s, never fear, I've made a handy GIF guide to teach you how to do it:

1. Arms In Front

2. Flip Your Palms Down

3. Give Yourself A Hug

4. Netflix And Chill

5. Don't Look At My Belly!

6. So Sassy

7. Sway

8. Jump!

Repeat ad infinitum. Watch the whole video below to see if our generation was worthy of this dance that brought us so much joy:

Images: YouTube (9)