Pornhub Debuts Clothing Line at New York Fashion Week Pop-Up Shop, And "Zone Out With Your Bone Out" Makes An Appearance

Now that Pornhub is expanding its significant role in our lives to include philanthropic pursuits like offering college scholarships, it's only natural that they corner the fashion market on the splashy streets of New York Fashion Week. The free porn magnate announced the launch of its new clothing line Pornhub Apparel today, and is debuting the collection at a pop-up shop in New York during Fashion Week.

The line was displayed from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. today at 113 St. Marks Place. OK, so maybe St. Marks is less NYFW hotspot and more ubiquitous site of NYU freshmen's first water bong purchase, but where did you expect Pornhub Apparel to pop up? SoHo? The collection features comfy looking men's tees and women's swing tanks, plus a couple of snapbacks if you're feeling extra fly with your porn-loving self. If you've been searching for a way to broadcast your sex-positivity to the world though fashion, while keeping your nipples safely inside the ride at all times, then Pornhub Apparel is the store for you.

Collaborations on the line include graphic designs from street artists, CES, Cope2, and Kalen Holloman, plus a truly winning "Zone Out With Your Bone Out" message tank from Baron Von Fancy.

Check out some of the designs below, courtesy of Pornhub Apparel.

Images: Rido/Fotolia; Pornhub Apparel (4)