Sia's "Elastic Heart" Gets FKA Twigs-ified

by Kristie Rohwedder

Are your good headphones within arm’s reach? If not, I will wait right here while you go fetch them. I'm serious about this. *Folds hands in lap and stares at the ceiling until the fetching of proper headphones occurs.* See? I wasn't kidding. OK, now that you have the necessary equipment, we can continue. Thursday morning, indietronica queen FKA twigs appeared on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge. Per Live Lounge tradition, the crazy-talented singer/songwriter/producer/cool person performed another artist's record. Because the universe can be pretty neat-o every once in a while, FKA twigs covered Sia hit “Elastic Heart." When I read that this happened, I clicked the link to the video so forcefully that I all but obliterated my laptop's trackpad. I'm inclined to think that's a fairly reasonable reaction.

Indisputable fact number one: “Elastic Heart” one of the best songs off of the near-perfect album that is 1000 Forms of Fear. Indisputable fact number two: "Elastic Heart" is one of the best pop songs of the last five years. Indisputable fact number three: Sia Furler rules. Indisputable fact number four: Anyone who covers "Elastic Heart" has a really big blonde wig to fill.

“Well, did FKA twigs do 'Elastic Heart' justice?” you ask as you anxiously chew on your thumbnail. Uh, of course she did. She's FKA twigs. Indisputable fact number five: FKA twigs is flawless.

When FKA twigs performed her stunning rendition of "Elastic Heart" for Live Lounge, you better believe the "Two Weeks" songstress metaphorically threw on the big blonde wig with aplomb. Oh, did I mention there's dancing? There's dancing. Spooky, hypnotic dancing. Like I said, the universe can be pretty neat-o every once in a while.

BRB, I have to go watch this video one trillion times in a row:

Aren't you glad I put up a stink about the headphones?