'Real Housewives' Gretchen Rossi's No Makeup Selfie Promotes Healthy Body Image & She's Not the Only Housewife To Support Body Positivity On Camera

Reality TV stars — they're just like us. After the Real Housewives of Orange County's Gretchen Rossi's no-makeup selfie made waves yesterday, the ex-housewife was a bit confused on all the hype. She stated in a follow up Instagram post on Thursday, "not really sure why this "no makeup" pic got so much attention when I posted it yesterday, because I have posted plenty of other pics ... with no makeup." Though it's still unclear to her, Rossi doesn't regret the post at all (as she shouldn't!). She continued, "I'm comfortable in my own skin makeup or not, and I'm proud to show women it's ok to be vulnerable and not perfect." BRB, clapping.

These are important sentiments to add to the world, and I'm glad to see that Rossi is using her platform for good. Her hashtags on the follow up post speak volumes too: "#nohatezone, #notimeforthenegative, #weneedmorepositivityinthisworld" and "#thinkhowwhatyousaycanaffectsomeone" are definite mantras I can get behind.

It's refreshing to see a woman whose known for extravagant lashes, luxe hair, and always on point nails let other woman know that not only is it okay to be natural and vulnerable, it's beautiful. (Even when that woman owns a makeup line herself). Thanks for reminding us, Rossi.

Rossi isn't the only Real Housewife to have shared a makeup free selfie with the world though, and chances are she probably won't be the last. Check out some of the other housewives who went barefaced for the camera.

1. When Bethenny Frankel Kept It Real About Skin Issues

You can always count on Frankel to not sugarcoat anything, including the fact that even moguls worth of millions of dollars get breakouts too.

2. When Lisa Rinna Did It For Charity

She woke up like this: Altruistic.

3. When Brandi Glanville Looked Like An Angel

No controversy here.

4. When Sonja Morgan Went Commando... On Her Face?

You know what I mean.

5. When Meghan King Edmonds Was The Queen Of Post-Workout Pics

Fresh faced and killin' it.

6. When Kim Zolciak-Biermann Showed Up To The Makeup-Free Party

She's a little tardy, but I'll forgive her.

Even though the housewives are known for all things glitzy and glam, the ladies keep it real too — and maybe that's something we shouldn't all be so surprised to see.