The Reactions To Joe Biden's Heartfelt Interview With Stephen Colbert Celebrate The VP's Authenticity

On Thursday night, Stephen Colbert rang in his third episode of The Late Show with the help of the vice president, and the overwhelming consensus was that Twitter was impressed with Joe Biden's heartfelt interview. As was expected, Biden got in several laughs — at one point offering to be Colbert's vice president if the talk show host ran. But the majority of the interview featured a contemplative Biden, who focused on the recent death of his son Beau to brain cancer in May.

The vice president was open and candid as he discussed coming to terms with his son's death and the pressure to cope. "I feel like I was letting down Beau, letting down my parents, letting down my family ... if I didn't just get up," Biden said. "I marvel at the ability of people to absorb hurt and just get back up."

Although many were hoping that the vice president would announce his much anticipated bid for the presidency, Biden simply reiterated that he hasn't made his mind up yet. "I’d be lying if I said that I knew I was there. I’m being completely honest," Biden said. "Nobody has a right in my view to seek that office unless they are willing to give it 110 percent of who they are."


Compared to previous interviews by candidates currently running for office — such as Jeb Bush, who appeared on Colbert's first show earlier this week — Biden's candid responses stood out. Not only did they feel authentic and true, but they resonated with those watching at home.

However, some felt that his honestly and doubt were sure signs that Biden would decide not to run.

In an election where voters are looking for honesty and authenticity, interviews such as this could easily buy Biden support. Though he may choose not to run, this interview may have extremely beneficial in preparing his way if he does.

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Image: CBS