Reese Witherspoon Has A Very Impressive History Of Using Her Platform To Empower Women

One of the great things about celebrities is that they can use their fame for good. Take Reese Witherspoon who is empowering women through her success. While chatting with Women's Health as its 10th anniversary cover star, the Oscar-winning actress opened up about how great it is she can use her status to the advantage of other women. For her, it's about creating opportunities for women and letting them know they can do it all. She said,

I really feel like if I can help one other woman tell her story or help one other woman get a show on a network or make a movie about something that she’s passionate about, then I’ve done my job. It’s hard to get to the place where I’m at, but it feels really good to be able to use the opportunities that I’ve had and the relationships that I have in order to create new opportunities for other creative women.

I could easily stop there, because that quote is empowering enough, but I won't because there's more to tell. On more than one occasion, Witherspoon has changed the unfortunate stigmas women continue to face. Thankfully, the Wild actress isn't taking no for an answer and is working hard by creating inspriing projects for movies and television, forming her production company, and starting her own brand, Draper James, which caters to southern living. Through her determination and passions, the 39-year-old is fighting for women and inspiring them to go after their dreams.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Take Draper James, which is so much more than a home goods and clothing line created by Witherspoon. The business donates a portion of its sales to Girls, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering young girls. Witherspoon said, "When I started Draper James, it was so important for me to give back to women who are entrepreneurial. Girls, Inc. has created incredible programs all over the U.S. that empower women economically."

Her greatness doesn't stop there. She also has her own production company, Pacific Standard, where she is able to create projects that tells the stories of women and showcases them in a new and positive light. Does is get better than that? It does. Remember that time she wanted reporters to #AskHerMore during awards season? It was a way to ask women about their careers and accomplishments rather than just focusing solely on their outward appearance. That's just another notch in Witherspoon's women empowerment belt.

As an actress in Hollywood, Witherspoon knows what it's like to experience sexism first-hand and she's hoping through her achievements everyone will see that a woman in a power position is a wonderful thing and not something to be ashamed of. She told Women's Health,

How wonderful it would be for our culture not to see ambition as an ugly thing within a woman’s personality. In our society, when we see women who want to succeed or who view themselves as leaders, it’s like "How arrogant!" Well, I think it’s fantastic.

What will she come up with next? I, for one, can't wait to see.