The 2015 Taco And Beer Challenge Is The Sporting Event We Can All Get On Board With

This summer, Planned Parenthood came under attack by an anti-abortion group who heavily edited secret recordings of Planned Parenthood employees. And as the 2016 Republican candidates rev up for the fight of their lives, a woman's right to an abortion has been attacked in the public forum over and over again. It's been a rough summer for abortion rights, that's for sure, but as always, there is something we can do. For the next week, we can help support safe and legal access to abortion, while also eating tacos or drinking beers (if you're of age!). The awesome initiative I'm talking about is called the Taco or Beer Challenge, and it's as glorious as it sounds. If you support abortion rights and love either tacos or beers (or both, because what the heck!), here is how you can participate in the Taco or Beer Challenge.

2015 is the second year that the Beer or Taco Challenge has existed, and the rules are pretty simple. You drink a beer or eat a taco, or drink a beer AND eat a taco, take a picture or video of yourself noshing on the world's best meal, then you donate to an abortion fund. The picture you took can be sent to the Taco or Beer Challenge through their website. It's that easy; hardly even a challenge at all! But let's take this challenge step-by-step.

1. Eat A Taco!


Yep. Just eat any taco. If it comes in a tortilla or hard shell and has cheese and one other ingredient in it (my definition of a taco...), just go out and eat one.

2. Or Drink A Beer!


Crack open a fancy IPA or chug-a-lug on a PBR — your choice. The whole point behind the Taco or Beer Challenge is choice, so go nuts.

3. Or Do What We All Want To Do Anyways: Have Both


Because this is truly one of the finest gastronomical combinations on earth.

4. Take A Pic


Part of the challenge is taking a photo of yourself and submitting it to Taco or Beer Challenge. Should be easy enough.

5. Submit To The Taco Or Beer Challenge


If you want, you can submit your photo or video of your participation to the Taco or Beer Challenge website.

6. Give To An Abortion Fund


This is the one and only rule that you absolutely must follow for participation in the Taco or Beer Challenge. Go online and find an abortion fund to donate to, then give them some money.

The Taco or Beer Challenge started on Aug. 18 and will end on Sept.18, so there's still a week left to have a delicious meal and support abortion rights all at the same time. According to RH Reality Check, participants in last year's challenge raised nearly $30,000 for abortion funds around the world; that's no small chunk of change.

If you love tacos, beer, and access to safe abortions, go on over to the Taco or Beer Challenge website, then check out the Fund Abortion Now Website to search an extensive list of abortion funds you can give to.

Images: Giphy (7), Taco And Beer Challenge