6 Times Khloé Was Super Supportive Of Rob

If there's one thing the typically lighthearted Khloé Kardashian takes seriously, it's her big sister duties. Sure, she may be younger than both Kourtney and Kim, but she's older than Rob and it's clear that she'll do whatever is necessary to protect him. As E! Online reports, Khloé was most recently vocal in her support of Rob, via an Instagram comment war of sorts. As the story goes, Rob put up a video of Malcolm X talking about being fearless. Then, apparently, an Instagram follower thought Rob was comparing himself to Malcolm X and found it offensive. Khloé, in turn, found offense in the way the Instagram follower interpreted his post. Whew. That's a lot to take in.

Apparently, the two came to an understanding in the end, but Khloé got the last word in, saying, "Damned if you do and damned if you don't. Let's uplift one another and not assume. Let's all root for Rob."

This shouldn't come as surprise to anyone, really. Khloé has been following that particular mantra for as long as Keeping Up With the Kardashians has been on air. And, can you blame her? Considering the amount of flack Rob has received over the last few years is enough for anyone to feel like they have to act as a sort of guardian for him.

But, undoubtedly, Khloé has been her brother's ultimate protector and here are six more instances of support prove just that.

1. When She Almost Backed Out Of The Family's Thailand Trip Because She Didn't Want Him To Be Alone

I remember watching as it aired and I was genuinely moved by her concern.

2. When She Called Out Kris & Her Sisters For Not Being There For Him

That takes a lot of courage to do.

3. Those Times When Her Support Spoke For Itself


4. When She Got Really Real On Twitter

I'm typically against Twitter fights, but I totally get where she was coming from.

5. When She Provided Emotional & Moral Support

By just being there.

6. When She Candidly Spoke About Their Living Situation To Complex

She explained,

I'm good with him. I never bother him. I just bought him a rug for his bedroom and he was so cute. He'll text me and tell me how much he likes it and he notices things. So, I like it. I call him my son as a joke. I'll call my assistant and be like, "Did you guys ask if he wanted lunch?" or this or that and my sisters hate that I do that. I do baby him but I'm a maternal person.

Even in subtle ways, she has his back.

Rob should never have to worry because Khloé will always be on his side.

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