Why Aren't Maddie Ziegler & Chloe Lukasiak Friends Anymore? The 'Dance Moms' Stars Have No Hard Feelings

Maddie Ziegler and Chloe Lukasiak both stole hearts and won fans across America by starring on the reality show Dance Moms. Both young, both vibrant, and both extremely talented dancers, it almost seemed inevitable that the two would become each other's competition. Now with Lukasiak off the show and Ziegler blowing up as singer-songwriter Sia's mini-me, some may be curious about the dancers' current relationship. Maddie Ziegler and Chloe Lukasiak are not really friends anymore, so what happened?

Unfortunately, drama on the show may have been the precursor for the girls' former BFF status changing. Miller had constantly pitted Lukasiak and Ziegler against one another, and at the end of the show's fourth season, there was a huge fight between the Lukasiaks (both Chloe and her mom) and the dance company head Abby Lee Miller. The blowout with Miller last October was so bad that it was ultimately what caused the Lukasiaks to leave the program for other competitive dance opportunities and business ventures.

Though the Dance Moms drama did not immediately break off the girls' connection, it seems like they slowly drifted apart soon after. Both girls have admitted that they do not keep in touch, but don't think this means there is bad blood between them. Honestly, it looks like they simply grew apart emotionally after being apart physically for such a long time.

Ziegler dished on her lack of communication with Lukasiak in late July. On a special throwback episode of Dance Moms, the 12-year-old said, “We haven’t really talked to each other and things have changed between us. It’s really sad because I obviously miss her.”

And Lukasiak admitted that she doesn't talk to Ziegler in an August interview with OK! magazine. The 14-year-old said, "It’s hard to keep in touch because they’re always traveling and our schedules are just really different." Of competing against the "Chandelier" dancer for a Teen Choice award for Choice Dancer, she said, “It’s not really different than anything else. I’ve always competed against her my whole life. She was probably my biggest rival in the competition world.”

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lukasiak ended up winning the Choice Dancer award, and during her acceptance speech, she seemed to expertly throw some shade at her former dance head. She said,

I also wanted to say, to anyone who has ever been told that they can’t do it, that they shouldn’t do it, or they aren’t good enough — ignore it. Do it anyways, and prove them wrong.

That being said, she did not bring Ziegler's name into things. And so far, Ziegler has not seemed to have thrown any disses her way either — just sadness that things have changed.

Though the girls have obviously not been two peas in a pod lately, it is worth applauding them for managing to avoid unsavory comments about each other in the press. It's especially impressive considering their age (hey, we were all young teens once!). Perhaps this is a good sign that the besties that once were can reunite again sometime down the line!