Top Diet, Workout, Health Google Searches for 2013

"Our searches, ourselves," I believe the old adage goes. No? Well anyway, the health and exercise topics we Google most provide an interesting glimpse into not just fitness fads but the American psyche. In between researching twerking, Molly, sequestration, and gluten, Americans this year consulted Google about juice cleanses, ab workouts, anxiety symptoms, and the number of calories in beer. We also seem mighty concerned across the board about Lupus. According to the latest Google Zeitgeist report, here are some of the most searched-for workouts, diet plans and disease symptoms in 2013.


1. Paleo diet2. Juice cleanse diet3. Mediterranean diet4. Master cleanse diet5. Ketogenic diet6. Okinawa diet7. Omnivore diet8. Fruitarian diet9. Pescetarian diet10. Flexitarian diet


1. Insanity workouts2. CrossFit workouts3. Ab workouts4. Bicep workouts5. 7-Minute workout6. Kettlebell workouts7. Shoulder workouts8. Back workouts9. Plank exercises10. TRX workout


1. Pregnancy symptoms2. Influenza symptoms3. Diabetes symptoms4. Anxiety symptoms5. Thyroid symptoms6. HIV symptoms7. Mononucleosis symptoms8. Lupus symptoms9. Herpes symptoms10. Pneumonia symptoms

Calorie Count Searches

1. Eggs2. Banana3. Beer4. Oatmeal5. Sugar6. Sushi7. Wine8. Popcorn9. Coffee10. Avocado

Health Issues

1. Flu2. Cold3. Labor4. Diarrhea5. Balance6. Diet7. Back pain8. Allergies9. Rash10. Lupus

CrossFit! The Okinawa Diet! Avocado Calories! Diarrhea! It seems our health and fitness interests really run the gamut.

Image: Insanity/Facebook