D.C. Union Station Food Court Shooting Prompts An Evacuation & "Sirens And People Everywhere"

On Friday morning, reports on Twitter of a shooting in Washington, D.C.'s Union Station food court emerged. Shortly afterwards, D.C. police spokesperson Lt. Sean Conway told The Washington Post that a security guard had shot a person just before 1 p.m. and that person is reported to have been armed; it's unclear whether the incident has anything to do with the 14th anniversary of Sept. 11. D.C. police have told assembled press that there was never an active shooter, and that the incident ended with the security guard's shot. The area has once again been opened to the public.

According to Tweets and photos from those at or nearby the scene, the area was immediately swarmed by police and emergency services after the shots were fired. D.C. residents are advised to avoid the area.

"Union Station evacuated. Sirens and people everywhere," tweeted policy advisor Kam Quarles, attaching a photo of the busy metro area.

"Shooting reported in the food court area at Union Station in DC.," Roll Call reporter Niels Lesniewski wrote on Twitter.

Wrote Washington Post reporter Robert Costa on Twitter: "I just saw a person being wheeled out in a stretcher from McDonald's - confirmed ... Incident took place sometime after noon at McDonalds near Gates K/L, medical stretcher being brought toward scene ... Witness tells Post she heard one gun shot, heard a man yell, commotion- police won't confirm # of shots."