What We Know About The New 'PLL' Intro

If you thought that the Pretty Little Liars five-year time jump would be the only major change-up coming to Rosewood in Season 6B then you were dead wrong. (And with this show, that could be taken quite literally.) Proving once more that the ABC Family drama is still plenty capable of surprising its viewers, show creator I. Marlene King recently tweeted that PLL will be getting a brand new intro for its opening sequence when the series returns in January. And this time, everyone will have a secret to hide. "Fun new intro when we come back in January. Everyone gets a turn to shhh," King teased via Twitter.

Granted, that still doesn't give us too much to go on in regards to the changes this new opener will entail. In fact, it's even hard to say for certain whether or not "Secret" will still be the song playing in the background. (Though I have to believe it's too perfect a fit to completely do away with.) However, King's message does give us a few helpful clues about what the updated intro will consist of. So while saying goodbye to such an iconic sequence is bound to be somewhat bittersweet, here's what I predict fans will see when the Season 6B intro makes its grand debut.

Alison Will Be Included

While the current intro just showcases the four main Liars standing around Alison's casket, I think the new one will feature her much more prominently. Which, really, is as it should be, considering most of the drama seems to center around her.

Mona Might Make A Cameo

Since King states that "everyone" will get a chance to do the trademark "Shhh," then it's more than possible that Mona could be included as well. She may not be an official Liar or anything, but she's proven to be a pretty integral part of the show.

Someone Else Will Be In The Casket

As we well know by now, the body count in Rosewood is extremely high, so it would still totally make sense for the girls to be hovering around a dead figure. It's just a question of whose it could be. (Mrs. D, is that you?)

There Will Be No Casket

Then again, maybe my outlook on the situation is a little too grave. (Pun very much intended.) Maybe no dead body has to be involved. Perhaps all the shhh-ing takes place in a library instead of a cemetery. (Though given that this is PLL we're talking about, it seems kinda unlikely.)

Alison Will Rise From The Casket

Instead of her body getting all dolled up then just laying there, the writers could decide to have her pop up and give the finger (the whispering finger, of course) along with the rest of the Liars. She is, after all, the one with the most secrets to hide. At least for now.

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