How Did Kylie & Tyga Meet?

Kylie Jenner and Tyga's relationship has been under scrutiny for quite some time. Before Jenner turned 18 in August, she and the 25-year-old rapper hadn't confirmed that they were dating, although there was a lot of speculation. But in recent weeks, the pair have become much more open about their relationship, kissing on camera while staring together in his new music video. Now that it's clear they are dating, some may be wondering how Kylie Jenner and Tyga met.

Jenner and Tyga met for the first time at a party back in 2011. And it wasn't just a random party — it was her older sister Kendall's Sweet 16 bash, where the rapper was the entertainer of choice for the evening. A video clip from that was taken while the party was filmed for Keeping Up With the Kardashians captured a then 14-year-old Jenner alongside the "Rack City" performer, who was dating his child's mother, Blac Chyna, at the time. In the video, Jenner dances on stage with her sister while Tyga performs. It is undeniable that there has been a major development between them since this moment, and it is a change that just about everyone inside and outside of Hollywood has something to say about.

The duo seemed to make their relationship official a few days after her 18th birthday. They took a trip to Mexico in mid-August, alongside some of the reality star's closest friends, to further celebrate the big milestone after days of partying in the States (and Tyga gifting her a white Ferrari). While they were on vacation, they were photographed holding hands for the first time, as well as riding a jet ski together and cuddling up on a boat. They have made no effort to hide their PDA, the most obvious example being in Tyga's "Stimulated" music video, which came out a few weeks later.

The video, which includes the song lyrics, "They say she young, I should've waited/ She a big girl, dog, when she stimulated," and features Jenner making out with her beau, seems to reference the pair's relationship, which has been met with controversy due to the considerable age gap, not to mention Tyga reportedly leaving Blac Chyna for the much younger woman.

While there was still speculation about their relationship before she turned 18, some stars started speaking out. Model Amber Rose, who is close friends with Blac Chyna, criticized the potential pairing on The Breakfast Club radio show. Rose said of Jenner, "She's a baby, she needs to go to bed at 7 p.m." And of Tyga, she said, "He should be ashamed of himself." Rapper Drake, who dissed Tyga in his song "6 PM In New York," included the line, "You need to age your age and not your girl's age." And of course, folks outside of Hollywood have had their say too.

That being said, it seems like Tyga has the seal of approval from the Kardashian-Jenner clan, who have been friends with him for some time now, possibly even since Tyga did his performance at Kendall's Sweet 16. But only time will tell how their relationship will develop from here on out. It seems like they're definitely having fun.