Don't Be THIS Person At A Party

Being a good party guest seems easy enough, right? Don’t spill anything on the rug, the bedroom is off-limits, and no climbing on the fire escape. But sometimes, in the midst of all the good times, we forget to be considerate of the person who put the whole shindig together: Our host! "The Person Who At Your Party Who Never Leaves" video by College Humor highlights some seriously annoying behaviors that even the most courteous partygoers neglect from time to time. So hey, let's take this as a learning opportunity — the video offers some extremely important "don'ts" to avoid doing in order not to be "That Person" at the party.

In the video, The Last Girl At The Party (aka TLGATP) is totally unaware of the host cleaning up, putting on her pajamas, and generally being done with any and all party business. It's definitely cringeworthy to watch as TLGATP invites over more friends and throws a bedtime rave. Even if you’ve never gotten quite that extreme, I know I can atone to stalling an Uber or avoiding cleanup duties.

Don’t get me wrong; a party is a party, and you should definitely take the opportunity to celebrate. Being a good guest doesn’t mean sitting on the couch all night twiddling your thumbs and not making eye contact with anyone. Have a darn good time — but also keep in mind how to be the best guest humanly possible, even if that means picking up a few sticky plastic cups and bowing out when things start to die down. Here are our do's and don'ts for being any host’s new favorite party guest; scroll down to watch the full video.

1. DON'T: Just Stand Around If Your Host Is Cleaning Up

If it's getting to the point in the night when your host is breaking out the trash bags and putting away leftovers, this isn't your queue to plop down on the couch and check Twitter until she's done.

2. DO: Offer To Pitch In

Always lend a hand to someone who has worked hard to put together a party. Cleaning up is definitely the worst part, and any host will be forever grateful to a guest who helps out.

3. DON'T: Assume It's OK To Invite More People

Even if your friend's apartment has an amazing make-out nook that would be perfect for you and this guy you've been seeing, it's not going to be cool for your hostess to answer the door and see someone she's never met before.

4. DO: Check With Your Host Before Sending Invites

Most of the time, your hostess will probably give you the go-ahead to invite a friend or two. But if she doesn't, that's also totally cool and you need to respect that. Have fun with the people there, rather than springing a surprise guest on your host.

5. DON'T: Leave And Come Back Constantly

Hearing "I'm going out for a cigarette," or "I'm going to Kelly's party and then coming back around 11-ish?" are serious nightmares for any hostess. Running back and forth to the door is reserved for the early stages of the party — don't put your host on constant buzzer watch!

6. DO: Plan Your Night

Figure out when you're coming and going ahead of time. It'll make your host's night infinitely better.

7. DON'T: Drink All Your Host's Booze

Though that bottle of red wine on the kitchen counter is hanging out there for all the world to see, that doesn't mean you have free reign. Most of the time there will be a designated area with drinks for guests, and you should stick to it — and when in doubt, ask. Even if it's your best friend's house, don't go rummaging through her fridge for vodka and mixers.

8. DO: B.Y.O.B.

A great solution to any drink-related dilemma is to just bring your own goods!

9. DON'T: Start Drama

If you don't exactly get along with someone at the party, don't make this your host's main concern. Hearing, "I think Beth might have been giving me a bitchy look, but I couldn't really tell, maybe something just smelled bad? Whatever, I hate her," is just going to make your host stressed and feel like she needs to micro-manage her guests.

10. DO: Be Grateful!

Someone took the time to organize a night for you and your friends to dance, drink, and have fun! Is that not pretty much the best thing ever? Make sure your host knows how grateful you are for all of her hard work!

Watch the full video below:

Images via Susy Morris/Flickr; CollegeHumor/YouTube (5); Giphy (5)