Who Is David Drew Howe? This 'Suddenly Royal' Star Comes From Humble Beginnings

You know all those times that you've sat around and pictured what it would be like to rule your own kingdom? (That's not just me, right?) Well, when it comes to David Drew Howe from TLC's brand new series Suddenly Royal , that fantasy has actually become a reality. For those of you who have yet to familiarize yourself with the premise of the show, let me bestow upon you a brief royal summary. Basically, after researching his family ancestry online back in 2007, Howe discovered that he is a royal descendant and rightful heir to the Isle of Man. (This is why it pays to do internet research, people!) And now, he and his family have decided to take some time to visit his kingdom and learn about his royal lineage.

Now, I know what you're thinking. It sounds a little too much like a fairytale, right? Well, that's probably because it is pretty much a fairytale, for lack of a better word. You know, minus the fairy godmothers, glass slippers, and fire-breathing dragons. (At least, I hope so.) And even though the show is only just getting started, I'm already hooked and want to know as much about this Howe family as possible. So who exactly is David Drew Howe? Here's what I was able to dig up about this rags-to-riches King so far.

He Came From Humble Beginnings

Before making this life-changing discovery, Howe lived a fairly normal life an auto repairman in Fredrick, Maryland. (I wonder if his training covered castle repairs?)

He Hasn't Let Royalty Go To His Head

Though you'd think inheriting a kingdom would be enough to change a person (and not necessarily for the better), Howe still remains a kind and level-headed guy, who's just genuinely curious about his family background. "Life has changed a little bit in that I have a few more options than I did before but I'm still just a regular dude," Howe recently told People.

He's Family Oriented

Throughout the journey, Howe will be accompanied by his wife Pam and daughter Grace. And as you can clearly see just from their social media accounts alone, they love each other very much, regardless of where this journey takes them.

He Is Descended From Thomas Stanley III, Lord Of Mann

The connection — which is on his mother's side — ties Howe to the Stanley House back during Henry VIII's reign. In fact, according to isle-of-man.com, Stanley was considered one of King Henry's confidants. If I was Howe, that would make watching The Tudors even more exciting.

He's A Cat Person

And really, that sort of sound judgement speaks for itself.

Images: TLC; David Drew Howe/Instagram (5)