12 Tyra Banks Tweets To Live By

Unlike a lot of people, I truly enjoy Twitter and all it has to offer. Sure, there are definite downsides, but there are also major upsides, like, I don’t know, the candid, motivational tweets of Tyra Banks. You see, I thought the 41-year-old had done her fair share of good in my life by teaching me how to smize, but I was wrong. She has so much more to offer us all. (Of course, second to smizing, because that’s obviously the most important thing.)

If anyone ever tells you they’re too busy to maintain a Twitter account, please show them Banks’ resume and then pull up her personal page. It’ll shut them up real quick. Because no one is more busy than the model/maven, and she still finds time to be sassy and amazing in 140 characters. It’s about priorities, am I right? And the America’s Next Top Model host has certainly got hers in order. So, you know, by heeding her advice and living a little more like her, perhaps you’ll get yours in order, too. Or, at the very least, simply enjoy her frankness because it’s not so easy to come by these days.

Check out 12 of Tyra Banks’s candid tweets to live by below — if you know what’s good for you.

1. When She Said What All Us Ladies Think A Few Days A Month

True words, Trya. True. Words.

2. When She Gave The Advice We All Needed To Hear

*Confidence meter slowly rises*

3. When She Put Life's Greatest Conundrum Into Words

What happens if you sleep-eat?

4. When She Came Up With A Creative Solution To Adult Acne

Just bedazzle it!

5. When She Said Nothing But The Truth

*Kneels at her perfectly pedicured feet*

6. When She Stood For All Big Boobed Girls Everywhere


7. When Her Modeling Advice Applied To Real Life Too

She is a gift.

8. When She Spoke Of The True Plight Of Anyone Over The Age Of 21 Who Is Trying To Be Cool

Same. It's horrifying. But you know what? We're trying.

9. When She Was A Motivational Role Model

God, Trya, I want to run my world, too! But can't we sleep just like 15 more minutes?!

10. When She Explained How Self-Care & Ambition Go Hand In Hand

So very important. I think we all lose sight of that at one point or another.

11. When She Summed Up What It's Like To Be An Adult

This hits too close to home.

12. When She Preached About Remaining Authentic

Go with your gut. Always.

In conclusion, I hope you'll vote for Tyra Banks as president in 2020. Thank you.