Is This NYFW's Most Wearable Runway Beauty Trend?

Runway beauty looks are often edgy, memorable, and creative. But wearable in real life? For many, that's a hard no. However, the striking red lips and makeup-free skin at Jason Wu's show is one of NYFW's most doable beauty trends so far. The Hollywood Reporter got the scoop backstage from the artist behind the models' makeup, and I am definitely digging out my red lipstick for this one.

“Jason said the collection is sophisticated so I wanted to juxtapose that a bit,” said Maybelline lead makeup artist Yadim Carraza. And following Wu's strong requests for red lips, he took the phrase “less is more” to a new level.

“Very raw skin — we didn’t do any foundation — to the extent that we may pinch cheeks before they go out. And literally nothing else on the skin, no lashes curled, no brow — nothing.”

Whoa. On second thought, that actually might even take more guts to pull off IRL for someone like me (I have a near-phobia of stepping out without my foundation on), but think about how much more time you'd have to spend on perfecting your lips!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Carraza started by using his finger to apply two different red shades of Maybelline’s Vivid Matte Liquid, then he used a red lip pencil "to create a sharp, precise pout, slightly overdrawing the lip line."

Lastly, "I got this Maybelline red pigment — literally powdered pure red pigment we steal from the labs — and we’re dabbing it on the lip right before they go on," says Carraza. "It makes this really amazing almost velvety lip."

Like any good makeup artist, Carraza knows just how to play with colors, textures and products to achieve the look he's going for. He told Vogue last year, "I love the idea of makeup as something quick and spontaneous, and I love the idea of being able to experiment and have fun."

The Maybelline liquid lipstick Carraza used does not hit shelves until "winter," according to the makeup brand's Instagram, but perhaps we can all snag one of these hot liquid lipsticks for fall in the meantime. Still, it's a bold makeup experiment I think that we all need to copy, slicked-back bun and all. It's just so chic and totally on trend with the no-makeup makeup trend, but with a tinge of chicness with that bold red lip. However, I do think a face mask and a green juice is in order first though — is it just me, or did those models literally glow?

JP Yim/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images