10 Bad Beauty Habits to Break in the New Year

I have them. Kate Middleton has them. Admit it, you have them, too. Bad beauty habits are easy to adopt and even harder to break, but 2014 could be the year where you shed these naughty practices. Bustle readers, let’s all make a pact: from nail biting to not washing our faces before bed, here are 10 common bad beauty habits we're going to leave behind in 2013.

Nail Biting

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If you’re a natural nail-biter, it’s probably a habit you started years and years ago. Give your nails a break already! A good way to prevent yourself from biting your nails is to get a pretty polished manicure. You’re less likely to bite your nails when there’s polish on it, because, ew, no one wants the harsh taste of chipped polish in their mouth, right?

Sleeping In Your Makeup

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Why are we still doing this!? Are we that lazy and sleep-deprived that we can’t take two minutes to wash our faces at the sink? Apparently. If you’re the type of person who continually falls asleep on your bed in your work clothes, we suggest keeping a pack of makeup-removing wipes by your bed. It’s not as effective as washing with face wash, but it’s a lot better than sleeping with your foundation on, and it takes fewer than 30 seconds to do.

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Not Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

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Think about all the eyeshadow, blush and foundation that accumulates on your brushes over a period of a week. Now think about how you can go weeks upon weeks without washing them and carelessly apply them to your face. Wonder where those mysterious breakouts come from? Do yourself and your skin a favor — take five minutes out of your day, once a week, to wash your brushes. Wash it out with a baby shampoo mixed with warm water and then let it air dry, or use these four tips.

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Picking Your Split Ends

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Just like nail-biting, some people turn to picking their split ends when they’re feeling anxious or stressed. When you pick your split ends, you’re essentially cutting your own hair, but not in a clean way. This bad habit leaves your ends broken and fragile, making it impossible for your hair to grow out healthfully. If you dream of Kardashian-esque locks, you best break this pattern stat.

Keeping Old Makeup


Treat your makeup bag as if it were a refrigerator and your makeup as if it were food. Just like the contents of your fridge, makeup also has a shelf life, even though you wouldn’t expect them to expire. Changes in color or texture, any sorts of odd smells and crusting or hardening are all good indicators that your makeup has gone bad. Here are some good makeup expiration dates to follow: Lipstick, eyeshadows and powders can typically last up to two years; liquid foundation can last up to 12 months; mascara can last up to three months.

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Over-tweezing Your Eyebrows

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In case you haven’t already realized, full brows are totally in — and it’s a beauty trend that’s here to stay. Step away from your tweezers and stop over-plucking. Instead, make sure you have regular wax appointments to maintain the shape that you’d like.

Popping Your Blemishes

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You may think you’re doing your pimple a favor by popping it prematurely, but here is the hard and simple truth behind it: when you pop your zit, it doesn’t make it go away. Doing this leaves it even more irritated, possibly leaving a scar or skin infection on your face. Resist, ladies! Let it take its course.

Chipping Off Your Gel Polish

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The best part about gel nail polish is also the worst part about it: it lasts forever. Although it’s tempting to chip them off as they start to lose their shine, it’s best not to. Peeling the gel can leave your nail beds and cuticles cracked, broken, and soft. Leave it to the professionals when it comes to removing your gel mani. Then treat yourself to a new one for conquering this bad habit!

Applying Heat To Your Hair Daily

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You may use thermal protectants, but if you can stand it, try to give your locks a break from heat styling every day. Try swapping out a wash and using dry shampoo and dry conditioner instead. If you really can’t skip the blowdrying or flat-ironing, then make sure to treat your hair with a deep conditioner on a weekly basis.

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Skipping the SPF

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According to the American Cancer Society, one person dies of melanoma every hour. Even if you aren’t the type to apply sunscreen to your skin every day, there’s SPF in practically everything, so there’s no excuse when it comes to protecting yourself. Plus, you’ll keep the wrinkles at bay longer. It’s really a win-win situation.

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