Equestrian Fashion for 2014, the Year of the Horse

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Saddle up, Sally, because on January 31, 2014, we enter the Year of the Horse, according to the Chinese zodiac. Those born in the Year of the Horse are clever, talkative, and stubborn, characterized by their bright, hard-working spirit and a tendency toward impatience. (You probably know a few: anyone born from 02/07/1978 to 01/27/1979 or from 01/27/1990 to 02/14/1991 is a horse baby, too).

What does this mean for the rest of us? A chance to indulge in horse-themed outfits, that's what. Because none of us got to take riding lessons when we were young, Mom. And because nothing in nature is more thrilling than a rearing mustang… poised against the sunset… screen printed on your t-shirt.

Also, horses are the new wolves.

Image: Pixabay

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