Dog Adopts Baby Chicks In Most Adorable Cross-Species Friendship Yet — VIDEO

Spring is usually the season of baby animals and careful animal moms, but here is a fall delight for you — this dog adopted some baby chicks in what might be the most adorable cross-species friendship yet. Via BarkPost, Bailey, who is a golden retriever and coyote mix, was caught by her owner (on camera, luckily for us) happily communing with a flock of chicks in the backyard one day like it was nothing strange at all. She nuzzled them, and let them sidle up beside her like it was the most natural thing in the world.

I have so many questions. How did Bailey herself come into being — who lets their golden retriever mate with a coyote? How did such a semi-wild creature end up with such a sweet nature? Why do chicks, of all things, set off Bailey's maternal puppy radar? If she were hungry, would she eat the chicks? (Sorry, I just took it to a dark place.) Do the chicks have any clue that they have so improbably disrupted the natural order?

But for a minute, maybe it's better just to not question the cuteness gift that the Internet gods have bestowed upon us. Watching videos of cute animals is good for you anyway, so just relax and enjoy this furry fuzzfest.

BaileyJack JackBailey on YouTube

What's that? Your heart hasn't completely melted yet? No worries. A second watch ought to fix that. Seriously — awwww.