10 Reasons Chloe Bridges Is The Style Muse We Need

Everyone knows Carrie Bradshaw is the fashionista of the crop in both Sex And The City and The Carrie Diaries, but why doesn't anyone ever acknowledge Donna's crazy eclectic style? But IRL, Chloe Bridges' style is just as killer as her character's, if not more. Carrie may have her insane mix of prints, puffy silhouettes, and off-kilter accessories, but Donna's got the sex appeal.

So, when I saw Chloe Bridges' Instagram page one day, I was immediately hooked. Not only is she hilarious — her bio reads "That one girl on TV with RDF (Resting Duck Face, patent pending) — but she also gives me some serious style envy. Her off-duty looks include ripped denim, tanks, and denim cut offs, all street style worthy. But when she pulls out all the stops, I want to bow down.

I'm talking a leather strip dress, a tuxedo dress, and an Alaïa denim crop. Say it with me, an Alaïa denim crop. With a mix of a little sweet, a little edgy, a little classic, and a lot of sexy, her personal style is one I truly envy. From Prabal Gurung, to Theory, to Alice + Olivia, to Valentino, this girl knows how to put together an outfit. It's no doubt that the cast of The Carrie Diaries plays with fashion, but Donna — she's just my fave.

So without further ado, here are the 10 reasons why Chloe Bridges is basically just as fashionable as b*tchy Donna, and why she's the style muse you need right now.

1. She's Got The Casual Look Down To A T

I mean, come on. This hat, this ripped denim, this simple tank — it's the rolled-out-of-bed-but-still-chic look I'm always dying to pull off. And here she is. Just pulling it off.

2. She Doesn't Let The Weather Stop Her

I'm with her on this one. Leather in 90 degree weather? Why not. If it's going to look great, I'll sacrifice a few sweat drops here and there.

3. She Knows How To Clean Up

Who would've thought a comic print could look so dressed up?

4. She Radiates Confidence

With a super crazy bikini like this one, you've got to have some serious guts.

5. She's Got That Monochromatic Game Down

She said it all in her caption "shades of blue." How about shades of bae? This outfit...I need.

6. She Kills The Back-To-School Look

So summer was good to her, huh?

7. She Can Check Off The Athleisure Trend, Too

Those kicks and that graphic tee? Mmmhmm.

8. She Gives The LBD A Different Spin

I love a good off-the-shoulder sleeve, and this one's no exception. This brings the classic LBD and elevates it.

9. Her Accessory Game Is On Point

Bra, bathing suit, necklace, whatever that thing is — I'm a fan, and I need it.

10. And Finally, She's The Queen Of Separates

Simple, classic, and just a touch of sexy, this is the outfit I want to be buried in.

Chloe, if you read this, want to trade closets? Better yet, do you want to hang out? With her hilarious captions and undeniable sense of style, her Instagram is one I'm constantly searching and looking out for. What's more, she's not afraid to laugh at herself — take a #tbt photo she posted of her in a silver chain belt. And that — that's what makes her the ultimate muse.