Who Are The Miss America 2016 Runner Ups?

Although we arguably pit women against each other every single day of the year, there's one special day during which we admit it and, in fact, make a spectacle of it on TV: Miss America 2016. This year's winner of Miss America was Betty Cantrell (aka Miss Georgia), who left behind 50 other contestants in a sea of cutout dresses and and a cloud of super hold hairspray. But who were the runner ups at the 2016 Miss America pageant? The South swept the top five this year with Miss Mississippi and Miss Colorado, otherwise known as Hannah Roberts and Kelley Johnson, who came in second and third place.

Rounding out the top were Miss Louisiana and Miss Alabama in fourth and fifth places, respectively. Miss Georgia overcame her few literal stumbles during the evening gown portion of the evening to take the big prize and be crowned the champion. In fact, her graceful recovery might have even helped her get points for poise and elegance.

I mean it sincerely when I say that it takes a lot of courage to literally offer yourself up for critique in front of judges, America, and Twitter — so all the women who competed this year should pat themselves on the back.

Cheers to you, Miss Mississippi, Hannah Roberts.

And you, Miss Colorado, Kelley Johnson. You guys deserve all this happiness and more.