Vanessa Williams' Miss America 2016 Gown Was Perf

After more than three decades, America's most famous beauty queen is back on stage. I'm talking Vanessa Williams at Miss America 2016, of course. While the luminous actor and singer is there to serve as head judge to a legion of new contestants, it's Vanessa Williams' dress that should win all the awards.

Williams returned to the Sept. 13 pageant for the first time since 1983, when she took the crown and became the first African American Miss America. Within the year, she was forced to resign the title amid a nude photo scandal. She went on to have a successful career in television and on Broadway, but the scandal of the Miss America resignation followed her throughout it all. In some ways, her cultural cachet is arguably what really brought her into the spotlight, and she's remained America's most beloved pageant queen since.

Williams' return isn't the only thing coming back to Miss America after a hiatus. The pageant's iconic song, which begins with, "There she is, Miss America," will be used for the first time since 2012. Additionally, the public was allowed to use social media to vote for an "America's Choice" contestant.

But enough about that: Let's talk about Vanessa Williams' incredible gown. Williams opened the show with a very Vanessa Williams-esque version of "Oh How The Years Go By," wearing an absolutely stunning gown that commanded the stage and all of our eyeballs.

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This wasn't the first time that Williams' gown slayed on the Miss America stage, either. This was the gown that she wore when she took the crown in 1983.

Clearly, Vanessa Williams doesn't need a crown to be a queen.