Winnie Cooper Is At Miss America, Y'all

When I first saw a photo of Danica McKellar at Miss America 2016, I giggled at how much she looked like a grown up version of Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years. Then I realized that Danica McKellar is the actress who played Winnie Cooper. So... whoa.

McKellar was a judge at the pageant and walked the red carpet in a floor-length blue gown with a sheer décolletage panel and blue lace applique, studded with gemstones. While the color was absolutely stunning on the brunette, the dress was a little generic and underwhelming. When it comes to pageants, I want glamour and drama and all the sparkle — and McKellar's dress just wasn't all that for me.

However, her gown was eclipsed for me by the news that she's now a killer mathematician who has a theory named after her and is the author of several math books for girls. Hello, I could have used a book called Math Doesn't Suck when I was in middle school. I'm also smitten with her appearance in Maxim , which essentially makes people acknowledge that you can be smart and sexy.

So, while McKellar's dress wasn't the most exciting on the red carpet, she was easily one of the most interesting.

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Who knew Winnie Cooper would be as much of your dream babe now as she was then?