Why Isn't Kym Johnson On 'Dancing with the Stars' Season 21? She Made A Big Move To The Land Down Under

After making headline after headline, alongside rumored beau/Shark Tank star/billionaire Robert Herjavec during Season 20 of Dancing with the Stars, it looks like Kym Johnson won't be returning for DWTS Season 21. Bummer, right? After taking home two mirrorball trophies (one with Donny Osmond, and another with Hines Ward), and making it to the semi-finals last season, you'd think she'd be a slam dunk — but, unfortunately for us, the pro dancer has other plans.

The DWTS' new cast was announced on Good Morning America earlier this month, and Johnson's name was conspicuously missing from the list — it looks like she chose to leave DWTS for greener pastures (not that she doesn't already miss it — she tweeted as much). As fate would have it, the Australian-born dancer is currently filming the Australian Dancing with the Stars, but with a twist — instead of a member of the professional cast, she'll be one of the judges. Sounds fun, right? Oh, and that's not all — she's already been spotted in Australia in the company of one Mr. Robert Herjavec, with whom she finally (finally!) confirmed her relationship: When asked point-blank about their relationship status on The Morning Show , she told the hosts, "Yeah. He’s lovely, he’s great. He’ll be at the first show watching and it’s really lovely to have him here."

For his part, the Shark Tank star also had some sweet words to say about the fledgling relationship — he told People Magazine that he was "very grateful" to have met Johnson as part of the whirlwind dance competition. The gossip doesn't end there, either — some people are even speculating that the real reason behind the dancer's American DWTS departure is due to an as-of-yet undisclosed pregnancy with Herjavec. There's no confirmed announcement (or baby bump sighting, for that matter), but fans and journalists alike have taken her decision to step down from competing, along with the couple's increased time together with far less than a grain of salt.

Everything's still in the early stages, and at this point the rumors are just that — rumors — but how adorable would it be if the pair had a child together?

So, while it's sad that Johnson won't be joining Season 21, at least we've got her ultra-sweet relationship (along with some excellent rumors) to keep us afloat — and, if you really miss her, you can always check out the Australian DWTS to see what she's like from the other side of the judges' table.