Here's All The Free Stuff I Got At NYFW

Growing up, my dad trained me to be a ruthless bargain hunter. Perhaps this is why, when my editor assigned me the task of getting as much free stuff as possible at NYFW, I jumped on the opportunity and literally skipped around my apartment for a good twelve seconds pumped for whatever epic freebies awaited. I would shamelessly accept whatever free swag I could get my hands on.

This was my first time attending NYFW in any capacity, and it was overwhelming. That whole "New York wears black and only black" memo turned out to be crazy true at backstage events. I unintentionally rocked a major "fish out of water" look in faded light denim overalls and a white linen tank. At least I wore heels? Either way, the feelings of uncomfortableness didn't stop me from seeking out all the free stuff I hoped awaited me.

My NYFW agenda consisted of GANT's presentation, and backstage events at Jill Stuart, Herve Leger, and Public School. I'll be honest friends, I think my hopes were too high on the free swag front. While I didn't expect all the designers to magically hand me piles of clothing and makeup, I'd be lying if I said I didn't run this hypothetical scenario through my head more than once. I am, however, happy to report there was a bit of free swag to be had and I certainly snagged it!

All The Free Stuff At GANT:

1. These ridiculous floral cocktails

2. And some champagne

3. And cocoa-coated almonds. They count people, they count!

Additionally, I got a model's number (ow ow, and not pictured because that's creepy), and ate many little thumbnail-sized tacos that are also not pictured since I devoured them too fast.

That was it for GANT! Epic fail or tipsy win?

All The Free Stuff At Jill Stuart:

1. This AMAZING Naked Manicure Kit from Zoya nails. I've already used and love it.

2. A bottle of water (not pictured because that's boring). This also counts.

...That was it!

All The Free Stuff At Herve Leger

Oh wait, nothing! Where's the free swag love, Max Azria?!

All The Free Stuff From Randomly Bumping Into Manolo Blahnik:

1. These shoes

2. Just kidding, but I did get to meet him at one of my favorite little bookstores in the city!

All The Free Stuff At Public School:

1. Free perfume from Alaia while waiting in line to get back stage. This counts!

2. Another unpictured bottle of water. Starting to feel like this doesn't count.

So, though I wasn't exactly Carrie Bradshaw magically picking up samples left and right, the Naked Manicure kit was a definite win, and I certainly stayed hydrated. Thanks, NYFW!

Image Credit: Lindsey Rose Black