Kim's New Website Is Here

After weeks of teasing us about her latest project, Kim Kardashian has officially launched her new website, kimkardashianwest.com. And although she hadn't spilled too many details about what we could expect, looking at the site now it's obvious why it took so long — it's kind of amazing. Between the super HD video and the crazy high res photos, the site has a really nice, clean look... and it even has an app that goes with it so that fans can follow along on their phones, plus catch live video streaming from the selfie queen herself.

The site offers up a few different key features, like behind-the-scenes stuff from Kardashian's career (and family), updates on her pregnancy with baby number two, and guides that will help you shop her style, in case you want to copy her look. There are also beauty tutorials from the 34-year-old and her league of makeup artists that will help you morph into Kardashian even more, should that be your goal (and I can't imagine why it wouldn't be).

And in case you were wondering, there are style guides to what North has been wearing lately, too. This serves two purposes: To help you dress the favorite toddler in your life like everyone's favorite celebrity baby, and to also really drive the point home that a two year old wears way more expensive clothes than the rest of us.

There is a major downside, though. If you want the full experience, you're going to have to pay for it. Certain areas of the site — like her beauty tutorials — require a membership. There's a free seven day trial going on right now, but after that, you'll have to pony up $2.99 a month. Not that expensive, but still, Kim. Can't you pity your peasants at least a little bit?

Minus the whole subscription aspect, I'm loving the reality star's new site, especially since it means more North West in my daily life. Bring it on!