Your Favorite ‘Sister Wives’ Star Says A Lot About Your Personality

If you were anywhere near your televisions on Sunday night, then you know that the new season of Sister Wives premiered this week on TLC — bcause the premiere took up the entire evening lineup. From 7 o’clock until 11 o’clock you could watch the Browns in all of their polygamous glory: Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn. And, with emotions running high from Meri deciding to divorce Kody (only legally, don’t get it twisted), the season started off with a dramatic moment that left fans reeling and giddy for more. Janelle and Meri sat down and talked about finally — after twenty-some years of undisclosed tension — burying the hatchet. And you thought this season was going to be all contrived drama.

So, with the sister wives back on television screens, I think it’s time we all admit the truth: We all have a favorite sister wife. And which Brown wife you like the most, whether it is because of how they respect the other wives or how they tell it like it is, says a lot about you. Like, could you imagine someone who liked Meri above all else being best friends with someone who claimed Christine was their favorite? Maybe it would work — kind of like the wives themselves do, by bringing out each other’s best selves — but the differences between the two wives are pretty stark. And whether you like one over the other definitely says something about you.

So take a minute to think about who your favorite sister wife is. Then take a look at the following break down to see what that says about you.


You definitely don’t have a problem speaking your mind, and you don’t have much patience for people who do. You’d prefer to have everything on the table, being worked through, than have it be stuffed deep down. You are also pretty independent, and prefer to follow life’s detours rather than staying the path. But don’t let all of that confidence deceive you: You’re a sensitive soul. You totally wear your heart on your sleeve.


You think logically above all else. While everyone else around you tends to get emotional and dramatic, you think about how things will affect you instead of feeling them directly. It takes you some time to reach decisions and to move forward, and it is often difficult for you to express yourself emotionally. You’d rather brush drama under the rug and move on than sit in the muck and make sure everyone is feeling fine.


You, my dear, are a spirit animal of yourself. You are mother earth. You are breath and air and laughter and light. But heaven help the man who mentions that you may be PMS-ing, because you’re also not afraid to make a scene if a scene is called for. In fact, you kind of love a dramatic turn. And not because you’re a drama queen — although you sometimes are — but because you know that causing a scene can often lead to faster solutions and quicker resolution.


An eternal optimist and peacemaker, you are patient above all else. You are also ridiculously good at defusing tension and loving unconditionally. Probably because you were from a big family or the last in a line of siblings. You know how to fit yourself into a family and navigate some seriously difficult personalities. And you know how to do it well. You are like the water that flows between the rocks and makes the river whole.

Now go forth, Sister Wives fans, and multiply that big love. Because love should never be divided.

Images: TLC (4)