A Delta State University Shooting Has Prompted A Lockdown — UPDATE

According to a Tweet by the school, on Monday an active shooter forced a lockdown at Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi. The school then confirmed via Twitter than one person was dead. CNN's Carol Costello said in a Tweet that the victim was a male professor. "SCHOOLCAST: An active shooter has been spotted on campus near Jobe Hall. Please take immediate lock down action," read the original tweet. The Clarion-Ledger had reported that one person had been taken to the hospital, and that the shooter remained at large. "Campus remains under lockdown. More information will be distributed as available," Delta State University tweeted just after noon ET.

"A Delta State professor is dead, according to Bolivar County Coroner Dr. Nate Brown," tweeted Clarion-Ledger reporter Therese Apel. "Delta State University has confirmed one fatality. Campus remains under lockdown. Please stay inside and away from windows," the school tweeted shortly afterwards. This was followed by: "MHP, Cleveland Police and Bolivar Sheriff's Department are on campus. More information will be distributed as available."

"Emergency management has set up command center. MS Governor's office and IHL have offered their assistance. Campus remains locked down ... Campus remains under lockdown. Please do not leave the building. Stay away from windows. More information will be sent out as available," read the school's latest tweets.

Image: Kilobytezero/Wikimedia