26 Adorable Photos of Dogs and Books

by Amy Sachs

Animals and books go together kind of perfectly. How many independent bookstores have resident cats to pet and play with while you shop? More than I can count. Cats are perfect for bookstores, but when it comes to curling up in bed with you to read on a rainy day, they are nowhere to be found. Cats are notoriously independent and aloof, totally not into cuddling and reading.

But dogs are willing to follow you to the ends of the planet and back again. If you're willing to share your bed/chair/hammock, they're more than willing to keep you company. And if not, they will lay beside you, puppy eyes in full force, laying on the guilt, big time. How dare you pay attention to something aside from ME, those eyes will say! And, hey, isn't it time for a walk?

From dogs peering over the top of your book as if reading along with you, to using them as pillows, and of course, donning a pair of glasses and looking ever-so-studious, dogs and books are some of the most adorable pictures around. Since there's nothing better, here are 26 adorable pups with books, because we could all use a few extra "AWW!" moments every now and then!

"Hey, Whatcha Reading!?"

"I Don't Know About You, But This Makes Me Wanna Go For a WALK!"

Books Make Great Pillows

Not at All Amused By This

He Did Not See That Coming

"Hey, Mom, Don't Forget About Me!"

Too Many Books, Not Enough Time

~So Studious~

Catching Up On The Classics

Dogs Are Potterheads, Too!

Image: Popofatticus/Flickr