There is still time to save 'The Mindy Project'

The Mindy Project may be in trouble, but, just like Mindy when she gets drunk, they are going down fighting. Throughout this season, the show’s ratings have been sinking amidst battles with the infamous FOX decency police, leading to speculation that Mindy might soon be off the air. The recent announcement that FOX would be taking a break mid-season has similarly been cause for concern, since this means that they could easily cancel the show before the break ends. FOX said that the show would return in April, but we were rather skeptical.

Don’t break out your wine bras just yet, though, since there has finally been some positive Mindy news. Bravo, a sister station to FOX, has agreed to screen a marathon of all 11 Season 2 episodes on New Year’s Eve. And, lest they conflict with that glowing orb plummeting into Times Square, Bravo is showing them, in order, during the day.

This announcement is great news for a couple of reasons. First, if you are bored on New Year’s Eve and want to watch Season 2 with copious commercials, you have your chance. If you’d rather not see the fifteenth ad for shiny hair products, though, I’d recommend binge watching Season 2 on Hulu, which carries all of the episodes. More importantly, this marathon (and any associated Hulu bingeing) might remind everyone why The Mindy Project is so magical, right before they go on break. Let's hope that when April comes, their back-to-back episodes bring up the ratings, and take Season 2 to new heights.