Here's How You Actually Peel An Avocado

You love eating avocados — who doesn't? But do you know how to cut and peel an avocado properly? We asked Panna to show us how.

Among superfoods, avocado must surely be king. Long before the days of green smoothies, it was revered by the Aztecs, beloved by the Spanish — even immortalized by the 18th-century poet James Graigner, who once declared, “Thou green avocado, charm of sense/Thy ripened marrow liberally bestow’st.”

And bestow it does: On game day, of course, avocado obliges us with guacamole — but on busy weeknights, it’s also the sauce to your spaghetti, the bowl to your quinoa, the butter to your Instagrammable toast. There is nothing you can’t do with an avocado in your kitchen.

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The catch? You have to prep it first. There’s the thick, reptilian skin to contend with, but even after you’ve managed to chip it away, you’re still left with the pit, lodged stubbornly in the avocado’s bright green flesh. Should you cut around it? Excavate it with a spoon? Pray to the avocado gods who thought an oversized seed would make a hilarious practical joke?

Fear not: We asked Amanda Hesser, former New York Times writer and co-founder of Food52, to show us the best way to break down an avocado. Below, her foolproof guide to getting down to the good stuff.

1. Cut that sucker in half

Set your avocado on a cutting board and cut right down the middle, until you reach the pit. Then, continue slicing all the way around, rotating the fruit as you go.

2. Pull the halves apart

Gently twist the halves to separate them. Enjoy your moment of glory.

3. Show no mercy

In one swift motion, wedge your knife into the pit, and give it a sharp turn. The pit should come away easily.

4. Get handsy

It’s smooth sailing from here. Peel the skin off with your fingers, and then make salsa, shrimp cocktail, or simply the best guacamole of your life. Avocado is up for anything.

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Images: Pixabay; Panna Cooking (4)