Taylor Swift Reportedly Calls Calvin Harris By His Real Name, So Now Swifties Can Chill Out

You know how some couples have pet names for one another? Well, the same can sort of be said for T. Swift and her beau. It looks like Taylor Swift calls Calvin Harris by his real name, which isn't a pet name, but it's definitely different than what the world calls the DJ. According to Us Weekly, Swift refers to Harris as "Adam," which is his birth name. Actually, his full birth name is Adam Richard Wiles.

Per a source who chatted with Us, “Taylor always calls Calvin by his birth name, Adam, and never Calvin in private." The same source added, "Taylor gets all dressed and glammed up whenever she is going to see him to look her best." (I'm sure she could show up in sweatpants and he'd still be totally charmed by her.)

Funny this rumored piece of information is coming out now, because Swifties (for those who don't know, that is the nickname given to Swift's biggest fans) have been wondering for some time what the singer calls her boyfriend. Apparently, it's been bothering them, because they even took to Twitter to ask the singer herself. Obviously, this was a pressing question, but not so much anymore.

Well, now fans can rest easy in knowing that Swift reportedly calls the famous DJ Adam. Do you think he has a nickname for her?