'You've Got Mail' is 15 years old, so where are its stars now?

Holy smokes: It's been 15 years since You've Got Mail charmed us on the big screen. In one of our favorite reunions of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, the movie made us swoon at their romance, and laugh at the silly speed of dial-up internet. From Dave Chappelle to Steve Zahn, the stars of this hilarious romantic comedy continue to shine, though some certainly more so than others. Take a look at what they're up to now.

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by Erin Landau

Tom Hanks

Hanks has pretty much been killing it since his Rom-Com days. He has been dominating the screen in everything from from Cast Away (RIP Wilson) to The Davinci Code to the sob-fest that was Toy Story 3. Most recently Hanks starred in Captain Phillips, which earned him a Golden Globe nomination and probably an Oscar nod as well. Keep up the good work Joe Fox!

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Meg Ryan

Ryan has had mixed success since her days as Kathleen Kelly, starring in some lower budget chick flicks and a mildly successful TV series called Web Therapy. Here’s hoping that Ryan can return to her days as the adorable and self-assured female in Sleepless in Seattle and When Harry Met Sally.

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Nora Ephron

Before her death in June 2012, Ephron continued to polish her incredible body of work, including essay, novels, and screenplays. Her final film, Julie & Julia was nominated for several Academy Awards. A screenwriting prize for up and coming female writers is now awarded in her name at the Tribeca Film Festival.

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Greg Kinnear

Possibly one of You’ve Got Mail’s lesser known stars, Kinnear is actually a really talented actor, and has been out and about on the indie film scene since his days as side-kick and best friend Frank Navasky. His performance as the father in Little Miss Sunshine is easily one of his best, as is his role in the oddly charming Ghost Town. Meanwhile we’re still waiting for Kinnear to come out of those indie shadows and tackle Hollywood’s leading man head on.

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Parker Posey

Posey is the only real wild card on this list, to be honest who knows what she’s been up to all these years later. As Patricia Eden we understood her, but to be honest nothing of Posey’s has really stood out since Party Girl, and even that’s a stretch.

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Heather Burns

Two words: Miss Congeniality. Burns could literally have starred in the role of a lifetime and I’m pretty sure she will always be Miss Rhode Island in our hearts. In You’ve Got Mail she delivers some fantastic words of wisdom as Christina Plutzker on the hazards of cybersex, and she’s starred in a few TV shows since, but her claim to fame will always be baton twirling.

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Steve Zahn

This man might be the biggest doofus that Hollywood has ever produced, and his role as George Pappas was no different. Since we were introduced to his sad but endearing silliness, Zahn has made us laugh in movies ranging from Saving Silverman to National Security. As long as we’re still smiling, he’ll always have a special place in our hearts.

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Dave Chappelle

And last but certainly not least, we cannot forget Chappelle’s magnificent cameo long before he was famous. Now we know what he is capable of, by watching three years of The Chapelle Show, and it is absolutely hilarious.

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