Tamra Confronts Brooks On 'Real Housewives Of Orange County,' Because These Two Were Never Really Going To Be Friends

If I never hear the words "consider the source" for the rest of my life, I will still have it heard it too many times. On Monday, Tamra and Brooks fought on Real Housewives of Orange County , getting back to their old habits of bickering with each other — because did we really think these two were every going to be friends? The fight — which really brought the heat to Shannon's Aries party — revolved around the smallest comment ever made by Brooks to Meghan and Jimmy during another confrontation at the party. But because this is RHOC, nothing can be ignored as "small" and someone had to make this party go up in flames. TGFT.

Thank god for Tamra, because can you imagine Shannon making a point to say that her Aries party was going to burn the place down so many times and there not be a huge hot-headed fight that was completely unnecessary? Honestly, how embarrassing would that have been for her? The fight in question was because Brooks told Meghan to "consider the source" when Meghan said she heard Brooks say that her four month marriage only consisted of two happy months.

If your brain doesn't hurt from the middle school he said, she said drama — buckle up, because I've got more.

Vicki tried to stop the situation by intercepting Tamra on her wrath walk to Brooks, but to no avail, Tamra still confronted Vicki's boyfriend. Vicki tried to take blame for telling Tamra about the two months of "challenging" marriage Jimmy and Meghan have had, but Tamra was just stuck on the fact that Brooks told Meghan that he never said that and to "consider the source."


(Unless you're thinking of joining a gym in the Orange County region — then consider away.)

Tamra confronted Brooks telling him that she's been his biggest supporter — wrong — through all of the drama. But now, she wants him to give her an honest answer for "once in his life." Sounds like a big supporter, right? Brooks didn't feel like he owed Tamra anything, since she was coming at him like a bat out of hell trying to get answers, so he walked away. Enter Vicki, again, who just fueled Tamra's fire — there's the fire, Shannon — into saying "consider the source?" a 83 more times.

Truthfully, it seemed like Tamra was just looking for a reason to go off on Brooks, because it was probably the most unimportant line in the entire conversation between Meghan and Brooks. But, I'm sure we'll hear more about it on the next episode. Until then, I ask you to "consider the source."

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